So, you have made an appointment for your acupuncture treatment, what’s next…

At your first visit, I will ask you a number of questions about your general health and your lifestyle. Some questions might sound logical, others may be a bit strange. However it is necessary to ask you as in Chinese medicine we look at the person as a whole. Sometimes certain areas that you don’t think are giving you any issues can actually tell something about your wellbeing.

I like to take my time to ask you these questions, so I have a good picture of you as as a complete person and therefore your first appointment will take a bit longer than usual. You need to take into account that the intake session will take about 1.5 to 2 hours in total.

No treatment is the same. What happens at the consult all depends on what you tell me in a session, what I see, what I feel (your pulse, tongue, belly) and what I can hear. I can then decide properly what will be the best possible treatment for you. I sometimes choose to also use other tools apart from acupuncture needles, e.g. heat compresses, moxa, cupping, magnets and other techniques that can support the treatment.

An acupuncture consult takes aprox. 1 hour