Your privacy

For a good treatment it is necessary that I, as your treating therapist, create a patient record. This is required by law by the WGBO. Your record contains notes about your health and information about tests and treatments. Other information that is necessary for treatment can be stored in your record which I have requested at other health care providers, but only with your explicit agreement.

Your privacy is important to me and I will do my best to guarantee your privacy. I will carefully and thoughtfully handle your medicaal and private information and will not allow unauthorised persons to access your data. As your treating therapist I and only I will have access to your record. I have a legal confidentiality (professional secrecy).

Information from your record can als be used for:

  • Informing other health care profesionals, only with your explicit agreement.
  • When another therapist treats you during my absence
  • Anonimised for peer review
  • Financial administration so I or my accountant can create and handle invoices
  • Digital communication through email. (Name and email address)

If in future I want to use your data for other purposes I will inform you and request for your explicit agreement.

According to Dutch law the information in the patient record will be stored 20 years.

Privacy on invoices

The invoices you receive contain data as required by health care insurance providers.

  • Your name and address
  • Your date of birth
  • Date of treatment

Cookies en tracking

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