Location Praktijk Quan Yin

In Soest consults take place at the studio of Quan Yin Voetreflexmassage by Mariëtte Werle. It is located at 2e Heezerlaantje 4 in Soest.

To visit the location you enter the unpaved road of 2e Heezerlaantje from Den Blieklaan. Drive along the fence on the left hand side until you see an open space on the left. You can park the car there on one of the designated parking spaces (across from the white house).
Then you continue walking on the unpaved road until you see a high black wooden fence on your right. There is the gate to the garden. After you’ve enjoyed the lovely pond, you may enter the building and relax at the waiting room.

2e Heezerlaantje 4
3766 LX Soest