Consultation € 65, –
Prices for acupuncture are exempt from VAT.

Reimbursement by your Health Insurance

Depending on your health insurer and wich supplementary insurance policy you have chosen, the costs can be partially or fully reimbursed. Always check this in advance with your health insurance company. Acupuncture is often covered by the supplementary insurance, under ‘alternative medicine’. Please check www.zorgwijzer.nl for an up-to-date list of health insurers that do potentially reimburse acupuncture treatments. The consultation does not get deducted from your health care excess amount, but will be reimbursed to you after you send in the invoice to your insurance company. I ask you to settle the payment with me after every treatment and then I will send you an email with the invoice, which you can claim back at the insurer.

I am affiliated with the professional association NVA (Dutch Association for Acupuncture).

Referral for Acupuncture

There is no referral required from a general practitioner or specialist.

Cancelling or postponing appointments

Please call me or send me a Whatsapp message in good time (at least 24 hours in advance) to cancel or change an appointment.
I regret that if you do not notify me on time of any change in your appointment without good reason, I will have to charge you for the consultation.


1 single lesson € 11,-
A book of 10 lessons € 110,- (if you hand in the full book you get 1 free lesson!)

Private lesson (1 hour, max. 4 persons) € 50,-
10 private lessons (1 hour, max. 4 persons) € 450,-

Prices for Zhineng Qigong are inclusive of 9% VAT


Handmassage € 42,50
Combination acupuncture and handmassage € 85,-
Handmassage on location (within 10 km from postal code 1217 SZ) € 47,50

Prices for handmassage are inclusive of 21% VAT


You can pay in cash or with your pin card at my practice.

Prices valid from October 1st 2020