Location Vaartweg 180

Ling Tong is located at the Vaartweg 180. There are several businesses within this building. ‘Fysius’ is on the Vaartweg itself. The entrance to Ling Tong is on the side of the Schuttersweg. You can park on the premises or in the street on Schuttersweg or Vaartweg.

I am located in the basement of the building, so after entering you can walk down the stairs. The door on your right hand side is the entrance to the treatment and my classroom.

The front door of the building is locked in the evening after 9 pm and on Sundays, to keep out any intruders. In this case you can walk around the building to the right to the back door which is located at the bicycle racks. There is a doorbell, so please ring it and I will open the door for you.

Ingang Ling Tong Zhineng Qigong les en acupunctuurEntrance Ling Tong Zhineng Qigong lessons and acupuncture

The full address is:
Ling Tong
Vaartweg 180 – souterrain
Entrance: Schuttersweg
1217 SZ Hilversum

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Do you come by public transport?  bus number 1 stops nearby my practice. The bus stop is called Schuttersweg